Christine Aikens Wolfe is a poet, fiction writer and reading specialist. She is a fellow of the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project (1992), and taught in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Since 1997, Christine has worked part-time in public schools in the Western Pennsylvania area as a literacy consultant, has been an adjunct faculty member at Carlow University and has joined such groups as Pittsburgh Poetry Society.

Christine's poetry was published in Blast Furnace, Fission of Form, The Potter's Wheel, Riverspeak, Sonnetto Poesia, Woman Becoming and Writing on the Desk. Both her fiction and her poetry have won awards at the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival. She has had teacher reflection articles accepted by Virginia English Bulletin and the NWP's Quarterly.

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The Prince and the Thorny Wood
Hardcover - 74 pages
$29.95 + shipping ($6 US, $15 Intl)

Prince Phillip sets out on his 13th birthday on his horse Sunburst (as is his habit) to seek adventure. That day, they encounter a wall of thorns, but - strangely - a path opens into the thorn woods. The prince and his horse ride in... only to have it close around them. They scrape their way out, but - one year later - the same adventure happens again. This time Phillip and Sunburst progress further into the woods before they are surrounded by hedge. The next year, the brambles defeat them again. Finally, Phillip decides to ask his Nanny if she knows ought about this mysterious forest of thorny roses. She does, 100 years of knowledge, dating back even before her own time. And she has been told that a princess lies on the other side...

Rise Up Singing
Paperback - 104 pages
$16.99 + shipping ($6 US, $15 Intl)

Rise Up Singing is set in the Hazelwood section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1950s, when the steel mills were the major employer in the neighborhood. As the mother of four children, Peggy Flannery is doing just what she and God would be expecting her to do at her stage of life: caring for her four young children and keeping the house full of love for her darling steel-working husband Kevin to return home to each night. But their youngest child, Amy, is hydrocephalic, and - as Amy passes her second birthday - Peggy finds that every day is a struggle. Will her husband, her family and her faith help her to rise to the challenges that she faces?